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Two New Federal Policies Regarding Tobacco and Nicotine Sales

Big changes regarding e-cigarettes and tobacco have taken place over the last few days! Two new policies have recently been passed federally regarding the minimum purchasing age of tobacco and flavored e-cigarette products. Read below for more details. 

Tobacco 21 The Federal Tobacco 21 law makes 21 the legal age for purchasing tobacco products in the United States. The law is effective immediately, meaning that tobacco retailers in Wisconsin and other states cannot sell tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) to individuals under the age of 21.  Click here to learn more about Tobacco 21.

Enforcement Policy on Unauthorized Flavored Cartridge-Based E-Cigarettes The FDA just announced a finalized policy on flavored e-cigarette products (including fruit and mint). The policy focuses on the use of pod-based products with fruit, candy, and mint flavors, but doesn't include tobacco and menthol. The policy also does not include e-juice flavors for open systems like mod and tank-based e-cigarettes (these require users to manually fill their pods). This policy comes amid the epidemic levels of youth use of e-cigarettes and the popularity of certain products among youth.  Click here to learn more about this enforcement policy.

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