Parental and Bystander Resources

Talking to Children about Drugs and Alcohol

  • As parents, caretakers, and family members, it's our responsibility to make sure our kids know the dangers of drug abuse.

Know the Risks - E-Cigarettes and Young People

  • Get the facts, know the risks, and take action by learning how to talk to your kids about e-cigarettes.

Parents: Facts on Teen Drug Use

  • Get basic facts and learn about ways that you can prevent teen drug use. 

Tobacco is Changing

  • Learn about how tobacco is changing and what the impact is on youth. 

How Much Do You Know?

  • This three-page infographic provides an in-depth overview about the current vaping epidemic happening in our youth. 

Bystander Resources

  • Receive online training about how to be an active bystander in instances of harassment